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Greetings friend.  My name is Wayne Gayton and I am honored to pastor the Pinon Hills SDA church in Farmington, New Mexico.  I have found this church to be filled with some of the warmest and nicest people I ever met. 
As Seventh-day Adventist we believe in the joy of salvation through Christ alone and believe in His soon promised return.  We  believe in the total inspiration of the entire Bible and see it as God's love letter to mankind.   We also believe in the New Covenat promise, as stated in Hebrews 8 and Jeremiah 31, that God would write His law of love on our hearts.

One special command in God's law sets aside the 7th day as a holy day.  The Bible calls this day the Sabbath day.  Although we worship God every day, we gather together in churches and homes around the world on Saturday, the 7th day,  to celebrate
His creative and redemptive power.